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More innovation. More intelligent products. Simply more power!

That's simple plus - the company.

simple plus GmbH is a young, dynamic start-up established in 2012. As founders, we were constantly looking for an alternative to coffee, energy drinks and bottled water at the time. The idea of simple plus coffein was born. Nowadays, you can find us in Eben in the beautiful Salzburg region.

With our »COFFEIN« product line, we have opened the niche of functional support water. A new beverage category which aims to effectively support people in their mental and physical performance, in their daily lives, at work and at play. With only natural ingredients.

With the »VITAL« product line, we offer a range of high-quality dietary supplements for more balance and quality of life on the one hand, and a vital element analysis using a hair test to detect causes of possible deficiencies and health risks on the other.

... because you simply need more